Website Performance using Google Webmaster tools

Broken links, valid HTML, site verification, metatags or malware issues are critical to the health of your website. Google Webmaster Tools offers a good way to keep your website healthy, with alerts and reports that diagnosis your website. Important information like:

  • How frequently the Googlebot crawls your website
  • Which of Google’s automatically generated sitelinks should be demoted (if necessary)
  • Notification tool to let Google know if you’ve changed your site’s URL
  • Crawl Errors that occur when the Googlebot can’t reach certain pages on your site
  • Index Status shows you exactly how many pages the Googlebot has indexed on your site
  • Malware detection and reinstatement.

And which issues and errors that need to be addressed in order for the search engines to crawl:

  • Duplicate content
  • Error Pages
  • Broken Links
  • Poor Link Structure
  • Indexable content
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Yet, over 80% of all websites do NOT use the power of Google Webmaster Tools. Why? It’s technical to understand and fix.
SEO | Website Performance | WP Security Geeks
Google Webmaster Tools is at the heart of any good SEO practices. If your website is not indexing or has crawl errors, your SEO efforts will be futile.
WordPress Security Geeks will install and monitor your website health using Google Webmaster Tools. Each month we will run a report, send our recommendations for changes. With your approval, we will then make the changes. Our Geeks spend about an hour a month applying Google Webmaster “Best Practices”.