Website Monitoring

We make website monitoring a breeze.

It’s simple, if you are down, we inform you through sms or email.  Probably by the time you get the message, your website will be back up and running.

Once the malware, virus and badware have been removed, and your website is up and running, take a sigh of relief.

By why stop with a one-time fix? Your website is vulnerable and continuous security measures should be in place to monitor for lingering or new badware. Every day there are new threats spread in so many ways; visitors, servers, developers, themes, widgets, software and blogs.

With our continuous monitoring, our team will be alerted to incoming threats and stopping them before they even infect your website. Protection your business can’t afford to be without. Our services include:

  • Monitoring Website
  • Cleanup malware (No page limit)
  • Email

 Our 24/7 uptime website monitoring service includes:

  • Tracking availability and performance from locations in major countries worldwide
  • Uptime checks using HTTP, HTTPS, PING, DNS
  • Email checks using SMTP, POP3, IMAP protocols
  • Public IP checks using TCP, UDP and ICMP protocols
  • VoIP checks using SIP protocol
  • Webpage content checks
  • Instant failure alerts via email, instant message, Text/SMS or live voice
  • Detailed reporting with service level metrics per interval