Website Backups

What would happen if you lost your website? Website loss can happen for a multitude of reasons; malware infiltration, malicious hackers, server failures, server upgrades….the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, most website owners don’t know that they should be backing up, they think it’s the hosting company or web developer job. Think again. Your hosting company may back up your website, but it usually doesn’t include content and media. And even if you’re luck enough for your web developer to have a copy, most likely it’s NOT your current version.

WP Security Geeks run daily backups of your website, rotating to weekly and then monthly. We keep one year of monthly backups. These backup are uploaded to our servers, along with being stored on at a secured facility. We backup everything, including:

  • WordPress Database
  • Themes and Plugins
  • Images, Videos and other Media
  • Settings
  • Content
  • Blog Posts and Pages
  • Comments

Get your backups started today.

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