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SPAM — Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages

Spammers are sneaky. You may think it’s a minor inconvenience to get comments on your website or blog that don’t make sense, but spam is one of the quickest ways to get your website infected by malware or a virus.

Spammers and hackers scour the Internet looking for websites that have security holes. The most common ‘trick’ adding a harmless comment that attaches and redirects a website page.

Pharma hack is one of the most prevalent website spam. Pharma hack should not be confused with malware or a virus; it’s categorized as SPAM. Pharma hack redirects your traffic to another website by attaching SPAM.

If your website is distributing SPAM, Google will flag your website with the following alert:

         This site may be compromised!!

And your traffic or click throughs are hijacked. Like most SPAM-type infections, pharma hack is largely about controlling traffic and making money.

WP Security Geeks continuously audits and monitors your WordPress website, detecting when new files have been added or when changes have been made.