Enhanced WordPress Security

WP Security Geeks goes the extra step to secure your wordpress website.
We apply best practices:

  1. We remove the WordPress admin login and apply a difficult login.
  2. We Generate a Strong Password that is 20 characters.
  3. We change file permissions to limit access to admin and give lesser user role permissions to others needing access.
  4. We change the password every 30 days on WordPress Admin, FTP and hosting control panels.
  5. We install Login LockDown, which records the IP address and timestamp of failed logins and IP blocking against brute force attack.
  6. We continuously review blacklisted plugins and advise you of the vulnerability.
  7. We removed unused and outdated plugins, removing themes and pluginss that are unused and inactive.
  8. We remove versions from being visible. We remove, hide, or limit access files like readme.txt which also display WP version information.
  9. We use Google Webmaster tools, Sucuri and other tools to monitor your website.
  10. We monitor server logs and web analytics for changed files.
Enhanced WordPress Security | WordPress Security Service
Note that most website compromises are automated, meaning there is no person sitting at a computer and hacking your website. Automated scripts are constantly probing the internet to hack anything that is vulnerable.

Don’t be a victim, get your website secured and protected with WP Security Geeks.